Poetess, artist and translator.

One of the most remarkable voices in contemporary Catalan literature.

Felicia Fuster

(Barcelona 1921 - Paris 2012)

Fuster was a writer, poet, painter and translator. She is one of the most unique voices in contemporary Catalan literature, maybe because of her late public notice in the eighties and because she was away from the Catalan literary world most of her life, as she moved to Paris in the fifties. Felicia was known for her strong personality -she defined herself as a 'women faber'- and she developed a strong desire for freedom in all areas of her life. This tough temperament was both shown in her literary works and her paintings.

Fuster has developed her artworks departing from this freedom principle. As the philosopher and art critic Arnau Puig says, "Fuster's creative actions deserve attention because they always show an aim to elaborate unknown worlds and realities, which is Art's main pursuit ".

The Association of Catalan Writers, from which Fuster was a Honorary member, published the following review by Daniel Pitarch: "Fuster writes from existential introspection and a high level of inquiry and formal experimentation. Her loneliness and self-assertion, however, produce a kind of writing which is open to everyone and which does not avoid social commitment. Fuster’s experimental approaches both to Avant-garde Art and Japanese tradition, follow a path projected in Catalonia since the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century.