Grants and scholarships

Felicia Fuster foundation, following the artist’s objectives, announces grants and scolarships to promote education, visual arts and the dissemination of catalan language abroad.

Felicia Fuster wished to promote artistic and literary creation in Catalonia.

To do so, the Foundation works in three different ways: it provides grants for art students, it promotes Catalan abroad and provides scholarships for people without financial means, specially those ones belonging to the Fondation Apprentis d’Auteil in Paris.

These are the instructions to apply for our grants

Young artists’ grants

Every year is held a new edition of Felicia Fuster’s artistic grants. The requirements are published on the Foundation's website. The Foundation awards three grants: one for painting, one for sculpture and one for engraving, with 2,500 euros each.

The Foundation follows the artworks’ development and presents a final report of the work done. Photographs and recordings of the works (on paper and / or electronic format) become the Foundation’s property.

The Foundation reserves the right to organize an exhibition of the awarded projects, as well as the right of reproduction of the winning works without profit. In case the artists’ exhibit the work awarded by the Foundation, they shall specify it’s made with Felicia Fuster Foundation’s support.

Guidelines for 15th Edition Felicia Fuster scolarship for young visual artist 2019-2020 

The artists who want to participate in the contest they must present the aplications and the projects through the form <>, within the term will include between December 1, 2019, and January 2, 2020.


List of artists awarded in painting, sculpture and engraving in the fourteen editions of the scholarships to the young creation of visual arts 

 XV EDITION  Course 2019-2020

Mariona Berenguer Roldan / Sobre el desig website
Àurea Estellé Alsina / Roges! website
Fabià Claramunt Sánchez / Un núvol al cel i dos peus a terra website

Act of the Jury

Winners picture  

XIV EDITION  Course 2018-2019

Jaume Simon Contra / Com pintar la boira website
Carmen Dengra Bolaño / Blur time website
Inés Schaikowski/ Hybride Heimat website

Act of the Jury

Winners picture  

XIII EDITION  Course 2017-2018

Marc Anglès Cacha / Sense Garantia
Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez / Tocar la llum amb els ulls website
Maria Diez Serrat / Pells deshabitades

Act of the Jury

Winners picture

XII  EDITION  Course 2016-2017

Clàudia Regueiro / Sense títol  
Tura Sanz Sanglas / Sóc cos  website
Alexandra García Pascual / Ghillie - 1- website

Act of the Jury

Winners picture

XI  EDITION  Course 2015-2016

Francesc Ruiz / Blur Image, Clear Knowledge   website  
Mònica Planes / Moblar el no-res  website
Pilar Álvarez / Territori fronterer website

Winners picture

X EDITION  Course 2014-2015

Natalia Baquero / Probabilitats
Joan Benàssar / Fora de camp
Saori Kondo / Contenidors per a paisatges

Winners picture

IX EDITION  Course 2013-2014

Aureli San Pedro / Absències
Ruth Cepedano / Emergents
Héctor Moreno / El pati de casa meva

Winners picture

VIII EDITION  Course 2012-2013

Adrianna Wallis / Alfabeto para escribir la historia de las familias
Ane Zaldívar / Bi anai (dos hermanos)
Anna Llimós Vidal / S/T

Winners picture

VII EDITION  Course 2011-2012

Aina Roca / Despintar: papers en papers
Lara Fluxà  / Estudi de la salinitat nº4
Martina Tarabal / Identitats

Winners picture

VI EDITION Course 2010-2011

Adrián Espinós / 14
Miguel Ollé  / Buit
Marie Daubigney / L’hàbitat de la sirena

Winners picture

V EDITION  Course 2009-2010

Maria Bonilla / Personatges de conte
Esther Pi / Oceànica
Sama Genis / Trobades Des de la llibreta de música del meu professor

Winners picture

IV EDITION  Course 2008-2009

Ulla Blanca Lima / Del concepte de refugi al camp dels refugiats
Neus Pérez / This is myland
Jordi Morell / Elogi al negre

Winners picture

III EDITION  Course 2007-2008

Carmen de los Llanos / Una amb infinitud de matisos
Montse Pérez / Viatge a Ítaca

Winners picture

II EDITION  Course 2006-2007

Juan de los Heros / Retaule de les plegaries
Cecília Postiglioni / Llocs comuns
Tjasa Kancler / The missing link

Winners picture

I EDITION  Course 2005-2006

Mario Sáenz / Ciudadano del Mundo
Marina Ramoneda / El ratoncito feroz

Winners picture


Grants for young people from Fondation Apprentis d’Auteil in Paris

The institution Fondation Apprentis d’Auteil proposes the Foundation those people deserving to get scholarships. Once they are given, the Foundation follows the learning process of the awarded people.
Since it began in 2005, with the first award in 2006 and until now there have been conceded 7 GRANTS, adding up a total of 19,500 euros.

Funding for the projection of Catalan abroad

The Foundation aims to help PhD level or advanced university scholars specialised in both Catalan linguistics and literature. This is destined for people who live abroad from Spain.

To apply for these grants candidates must submit their projects to the Foundation. The projects must develop, at least, one of the following tasks:

An anthological selection of Catalan works. That includes poetry, linguistics or other areas concerning humanities.

Monographic studies about Catalan authors.

Translating Catalan texts to other languages. This includes any literary genre or scientific discipline.

Catalan grammar studies. This includes works written in order to divulgate Catalan or to teach Catalan abroad.

Comparative literature studies.

The jury will also consider any proposal related with Catalan language and culture diffusion.

The amount of this grant is € 6,000.