Felicia Fuster’s

work dissemination

One of the most important tasks of the Foundation is to preserve and disseminate the works made by Felicia Fuster. The Foundation premises are used for this purpose. The Foundation also organises traveling exhibitions and all kind of activities, which contribute to a better understanding of Fuster’s art and literature.



The anthology Cordage du vent, published by Editions Trabucaire, stems from the will of the Foundation to give French-language readers access to the poetry of Felícia Fuster.

The compilation is a selection of poems by the author following the chronology of publication of her works, from 1984 to 2001. The collection has been in the care of Lluïsa Julià and Sandrine Frayssinhes Ribes, and the translation from Catalan into French by Marc Audí.

Publication of the catalogue Felícia Fuster: obra plastica.

In order to collect and show Fuster’s work, the Foundation has made an inventory and then launched the publication of a catalogue reviewing Fuster's artistic career, from its beginning in Barcelona, in 1940, until her last works at the end of the century.

This catalogue Felicia Fuster. Obra plàstica, presents an analysis made by several authors, artists and art theorists. It has been edited by Nora Ancarola and Lola Donaire. It was printed in Barcelona in 2008.


Publication of the catalogue Felícia Fuster: obra plastica.

Complete poetry works publication

Another of the main tasks made by the Foundation is to revise and compile Fuster’s literary work. There has been made a collection of her poetry books scattered in various formats in order to unify it and to show it to interested public.

The book, Felicia Fuster. Obra poètica, includes all Fuster’s poetry from 1984 to 2001. Prologues and epilogues written by her have also been published, as well as her contemporary Japanese poetry translations. This anthological work was led by Lluïsa Julià.

Complete poetry works publication